• Hi,

    sorry for writing in English, I don't speak German language and I'm not in Germany. But this forum is incredibly helpful, thanks to you folks I managed to update my i20's infotainment's firmware and fix Bluetooth carplay connection issue.

    My question here is - can anyone please tell if there's an airbag inside this thing as on the picture? - I want to put the dashcam cable inside. My i20 has 6 airbags which is a standard thing I guess.


  • In your case there should be an airbag inside the A-Pole cover. When six airbags are installed it's common to say: one for pilot and co-pilot, each in front of them.

    Two curtain airbags from front to back (hidden in the roof line, compressor is stored in the A-pole) left and right and another two site airbags hidden in the chairs of pilot and co-pilot.

    The easiest way to find the position of airbags is to look for signs like "SRS", "Airbag" or "SRS Airbag".

    You can store the dashcam cable easily in the A-pole cover, you just need to lift is as much as you can push the cable underneath. I think there are already threads for this topic in this forum?!

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