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Auto: Hyundai santamo 2.0 A/T

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Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011, 08:48

Hyundai coupe 98 wheels on santamo


I had tested on the past some coupe 98 aluminium wheels.

Even the center circle of santamo is 69,1mm which is exact the same.

Both wheels are 114,3mm bolt space betwwen bolts.

The santamo wheel is a 185/70 R14 and Coupe 98 is 195/60 R15.

I found them at a very cheap price.

70 euros 4 wheels, without tires.

See pic:

Also, in greece, hyundai Central Distributor, made an offer of 40% cheaper

oem replacement parts.

They charged me 160 euros with the 40% lower price, for the OEM o2 sensor.

they must be joking.....

1st they told me 60 euros, i said order it, and when item arrived, told me new price.

Many-many times i picked wrong parts from toyota, hyundai, and i won't turn it back, just not to create problem to the employees there.

But this time got to far.

I already have a spare 80 euros key that won't work, and a 5ME headgasket that i have no such car.

sorry hyundai genuine parts store!!!

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