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Montag, 21. Juli 2014, 18:50

Coolant loss and new engine block

Hi from Spain.

Sorry for not writing in german, but I can´t say/write a word in german. :(

I'm contacting you to know if someone has have a coolant loss problem in a I40 CRDi 136.

After 17000km, I notice a coolant loss so I took the car to the dealer. After 3 days, they told that there was a problem with the engine block and a new one was back ordered: I'm still waiting for it because there is no stock in Europe and have to come form Korea.

I've read about same problem in UK forums:…-loss-t181.html…oss-of-coolant/

and I'm trying to get as much information I can get about this problem.




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Montag, 21. Juli 2014, 18:57

Hi there,
yes, even in this forum there are some with this problem.
You also get a new block to guarantee



Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014, 22:47

Dear User!

I bought an used i40 after an problem free i30. I think it was a very big misstake from me. Because loss of coolant. I have 2 years warranty, but I'm affraid of it will very big problem and long-long time. Even before holiday.

I think it a serial misstake.
Best regards: Péter


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Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014, 15:54

And what is the reason to collect such cases?!?

Remember: How many cars are delivered to europe? Which engine is involved? How many engines from each specific type are build? In every mass engine production you have more or less better assembled engines! It's quite a bit stupid to think that every engine is 100% perfect.

Ok, there are some problems with coolant loss, but not that serial mistake you wanna hear! The reasons for that can be very different, a loose hose, a broken gasket,.... And of course you can be disgruntled if this problem happens, but you have to contact your local dealer and you will get the help you need - even if it takes a little bit longer to deliver the right component(s), or a new engine body, or what ever. Maybe you should ask a 2nd dealer to confirm the 1st statement.

So think positiv and everything will gonna be ok.

PS: Why do you post in i30 the same question again? - I have erased your post there! I also edit your post here, it is not necessary to collect VIN from other drivers! We can't support this.